Rethink the Drink

Rethink the Drink is a media campaign designed to educate youth and parents on the following:

  • That alcohol is a drug and to ‘rethink the drink’ before making decisions involving the misuse of alcohol.
  • That parents with minor children should ‘rethink the drink’ when it comes to having alcohol accessible in their home.
  • That youth should begin to ‘rethink the drink’ when making choices about drinking alcohol for the first time and to wait until they are 21 before deciding to drink.
  • That young adults should ‘rethink the drink’ when it comes to binge drinking (having multiple alcoholic drinks at one sitting).


For Adults: Please text PREVENT to 85775 to receive information about strategies for the prevention of the misuse of alcohol in minors and adults.

For Youth: Please text PLEDGE to 85775 as a commitment to stay alcohol free until 21 and to not ride with anyone who has been drinking.