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Instead of this, do that!
This week, we wanted to encourage you to fill the space left behind by avoiding drugs with positive, healthy activities! Instead of drinking away difficult emotions, go for a walk in nature to recharge your soul! Instead of mellowing out with marijuana, take a long hot bath. There are plenty of ways to calm yourself … Continue reading Instead of this, do that!
Latest Graphics!
This week, we want to encourage you to avoid alcohol, opioid misuse, marijuana, and tobacco. Whatever your “drug of choice”, we want to encourage you to set it aside in the interest of your health and the betterment of your future! Want to connect? Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! “Like” us on Facebook and follow … Continue reading Latest Graphics!
Are you a binge drinker?
Binge drinking is one of the worst things you can do when consuming alcohol. Binge drinking can lead to all sorts of impairments, lead to accidents, and even lead to alcohol poisoning which can be fatal. Are you one of the 24%? If you are, you are not alone and you can always make a … Continue reading Are you a binge drinker?