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Family Check Up
Is your family a welcoming, inviting place where the members feel encouraged and uplifted? Is your home environment positive and happy? If not, it may be time to reassess your family atmosphere. Teens who feel safe and loved are more likely to make wise, healthy choices in their lives. If you feel your home is … Continue reading Family Check Up
Positive Vibes
The world is a scary place right now. Because of that, we wanted to overload your week with some positive vibes to get you through. Take these messages to heart and let the words sink into your soul. You’re doing great! Are you a good role model for your kids? Your friends’ kids? What about … Continue reading Positive Vibes
A Message for Parents
Dr. Nora Volkow has a message for you parents out there who may be concerned about your teens using drugs. You can watch it on the National Institutes of Health (NIDA) website or click below. Want to connect? Check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to … Continue reading A Message for Parents