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Have you talked to your teen about drugs?
It can feel uncomfortable to talk with your teenager about tough topics like drug abuse and the effects it has on the adolescent mind and body. But it is of paramount importance that you talk with your teen and keep communication open with them about the harmful effects of alcohol, marijuana, tobacco, vaping, and other … Continue reading Have you talked to your teen about drugs?
Why do teens vape?
Vaping is on the rise among teens and adults, but findings are showing an increasing number of serious lung diseases and deaths associated with vaping. Why do teens engage in behavior that can harm them? This video from the National Institute on Drug Abuse sheds some light on the issue:
Educate yourself
How much do you know about common drugs? Did you know that anyone can become addicted? This week, we have a variety of informative videos to share with you that will help to educate you on the dangers of drug misuse. Nearly 2 in 5 students in 12th grade said they vaped in the past … Continue reading Educate yourself